Food & Beverage Packaging

Food & Beverage

Beverage and food packaging play a critical role in meeting food safety requirements and environmental goals. Consumers want food and drinks to be fresh, appealing, and safe. And both consumers and producers want to minimize the impact packaging has on the environment.

Cheese & Dairy

Maintaining freshness, safety, odor control, toughness, flexibility, convenience, and shelf appeal in a leak-proof package are overlapping concerns addressed by Dow's high performance products for cheese and dairy packaging.

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Dry Foods/Snacks

The packaging of snack foods demands specific requirements to maintain freshness. These requirements may include barrier to light, oxygen, or moisture, as well as toughness and sealability.

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Frozen Food

Frozen fruits and vegetables have experienced a dramatic increase in popularity as consumers recognize the flavor, appearance and nutritional advantages over canned versions.

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Packaging of liquid and semi-solid food requires toughness, resistance to flex cracking, and seal integrity – all addressed by Dow products.

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Meat & Seafood

The three primary concerns in meat packaging are freshness, safety and convenience.?Dow, in collaboration with brand owners, retailers and converters, is constantly developing innovative packaging materials to help ensure all three.?

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Pet Food

Dow’s high performance products for pet food packaging address freshness, safety, shelf appeal, durability and convenience.

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