Consumer Goods & Retail

As the world keeps coming up with new products, Dow keeps innovating new ways to package them.

Versatile Resins for Innovative Consumer Packaging

With the explosive growth in personal and home care products comes an increased demand for consumer packaging that enhances shelf appeal, reduces material usage and adds to the bottom line. We collaborate across the industry to keep pace with this demand, developing unique packaging solutions for a diverse array of consumer goods that deliver a range of economic and environmental benefits.

Our innovative ionomer resins for skin and stretch packaging can help you realize cost savings by preventing theft and damage, reducing plastic use and transportation costs and increasing energy efficiency in getting goods to market – while boosting product appeal that can lead to increased sales.

Our technical experts can work with you to deliver attractive, sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions across a variety of specialty applications, including plastic bottles, dissolvable wrappers for detergent pods, stand-up pouches and more.

Enabling Outstanding Packaging Performance Properties

Skin and stretch packaging made from our resins provides a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to clamshell and blister packaging, tightly shrinking to conform to the shape of almost any product, no matter how unusual. Dow-enabled skin and stretch packaging offers many outstanding performance properties:

  • Faster processing. Softens more quickly in the heating phase, allowing around 40% more packaging cycles in the same time frame.
  • Age, chemical and puncture resistant. Does not become brittle with age, resists grease and oil and is not easily punctured by pointed and sharp edges.
  • Cold-weather durability. Retains all properties down to -40°C.
  • Resistant to board curl. Differing shrink forces from the molten phase to solid state help eliminate unsightly board curl and prevent deformation.
  • Excellent board adhesion. Provides outstanding adhesion to primed and non-primed board alike.

Design Options That Increase Sales Potential

Our resins for stretch packaging (Stretch Pak) enable a variety of carded display options that allow consumers to see the product from different angles, increasing their potential to buy:

  • One-sided frame view. Similar to surface-seal blister or skin packages, the opening can conform to the product’s shape or be designed as a generic shape. Ideal for use with similar products of different sizes and shapes.
  • See-through frame view. The product “floats” in the middle of the card, so that it can be seen from either side. Also ideal for use with similar products of different sizes and shapes.
  • Two-sided stand-up. Replacing standing fold-over blister and clamshell packages, this design provides superior standing performance and prevents the product from moving within the package. Ideal for incorporating promotional items.

Delivering Sustainability Advantages

Skin and stretch packaging films made with our resins enable significant reductions in weight and volume compared to traditional rigid packaging. Because of its outstanding toughness and formability, skin and stretch packaging makes downgauging easier, helping reduce packaging volume during transit. And, by using less film overall, consumer packaging manufacturers can reduce their source material usage.


Skin and stretch packaging films made with Dow Surlyn? are an attractive, lightweight, cost-effective alternative to clamshell and blister visual packaging.