Power and Telecommunications

Materials for Power & Telecommunications Products

Consumers of Power and Data Depend on Reliable Networks And Service

Power and communications utilities, service providers and cable makers can plug into Dow for state-of-the-art compounds, technical expertise and service along with a long track record of success that helps ensure reliable, long-lasting infrastructure.

Various Cable Ends

Power Cable Systems

State-of-the-art compounds to help sustain reliable, long-lasting LV, MV, HV/EHV power distribution and transmission networks.

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Telecom Cables

Solutions for cable manufacturing efficiency, ease of installation, increased speed of data transfer with lower signal loss.

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Flame Retardant Wire & Cable

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Cable Jacketing

Compounding NHFR Cable Jacketing Resins Using Polymer Modifiers

Making halogen-free or non-halogen flame-retardant (HFFR or NHFR) wire and cable compounds can benefit from using DuPont polymer modifiers. Often used as a replacement for previous coupling agents DuPont? Fusabond® can significantly?improve compound flexibility of cable jacketing while maintaining other properties like strength and elongation.

Typical levels of Fusabond® are in the range of 2-5 weight % based on the entire compound. Flame retardants that show affinity to Fusabond® include fillers such as alumina trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide. Improved properties also can be seen when Fusabond® is used with common fillers such as calcium carbonate.

Extensive trials have been undertaken using the Fusabond® E family as a coupling agent in halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable formulations containing approximately 65% ATH in a LLDPE/EVA matrix.

DuPont? Elvaloy® ethylene-based terpolymers can also be used in HFFR cables. By adding highly polar Elvaloy® terpolymers to the compound, oil and chemical resistance is improved, along with low-temperature flexibility. Other flexible, highly polar polymers such as high-VA content EVAs, are often harder to process, due to blocking of pellets, for example.?

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